We are aware that to be successful in all projects, the translator should have sufficient knowledge of the languages involved in the process, experience in the specific work area, be capable of interpreting the text, know the different existing documents, and have technical, general, and linguistic knowledge.

Therefore, our translators are always undergoing courses, conferences, workshops, and trainings dedicated to their areas of expertise.


Translation is the act of transferring the content from one language to another.

ekos traduções
ekos traduções

Technical Translation

Technical translation is a type of translation whose content relates to informative, technical or scientific subjects. Technical translation requires graduation or expertise in the area to be translated.

We count on a team of translators experienced in several areas, ensuring the quality of the technical translations provided for each specific area.
The main feature of the technical translation is the use of an appropriate terminology. The definition of the most common term by the translator is essential for understanding.

The preparation of glossaries, which is approved by each customer, is another advantage of Eko’s Traduções, allowing for the technical terms to be precisely defined for the customer and establishing language standardization for the entire project.

Sworn Translation

In order to be official and to be legally valid before public entities and agencies or to prove the truthfulness of the translation content when compared to its original content, the translation has to be sworn. For such, the translator must be someone approved in a public examination developed by the Board of Trade of the State, an agency that acknowledges the total ability of the translator in a given language. This type of translation is printed in the sworn translator’s letterhead, who certifies to it, taking full responsibility for the entire content mentioned therein.

ekos traduções
ekos traduções


In this process, the customer requests a grammar and spell check or a technical proofreading of its translated document.

For this process, we identify the technical documentation and search for a qualified professional, who counts on his/her competence and our technical library* to provide an excellent service.

Our technical library counts on a large amount of dictionaries, glossaries, and bibliographic references for consultation purposes.


It means the transfer of an audio or video file to the written format. The transcription can be performed alone or both the transcription and translation.

ekos traduções
ekos traduções

Consecutive Translation

Indicated for a small group of people in a meeting, speech, lectures, and short announcements. In this area, the speaker and the translator stand side by side and take turns. The speaker delivers the speech for a few minutes and then takes a break so the translator can deliver the content in the target language, and so on.

Desktop Publishing

Our concern goes beyond the quality of the services we provide, since we also try to offer to our customers the most complete service with outstanding precision throughout the project development. Therefore, Eko’s Traduções counts on a qualified team of professionals for desktop publishing in the most advanced types of graphic software, such as: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CorelDRAW, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, InDesign, among others.

This enables our customers to receive translated documents in a format that is similar to its original format, optimizing several steps in documentation process.

ekos traduções

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