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A Eko’s Traduções

We are a traditional company located in the capital of the State of São Paulo.

We are a dynamic company and we stand out in the translation market due to the extraordinary quality of the services provided by our professionals, who count on large experience in the translation area.

We offer a unique service to our customers, since we believe they are our main asset.

More than just a translation company, we want to build a strong partnership with our customers, so we can keep working together.

We focus on the quality of our services, with a fast and reliable assistance to our customers.

Our Services


Technical translation is a type of translation whose content relates to informative, technical or scientific subjects…


In order to be official and to be legally valid before public entities and agencies…


A grammar and spell check or a technical proofreading…


It means the transfer of an audio or video file to the written format…


Indicated for a small group of people in a meeting…


Documents translated in a format that is similar to its original format…

An exclusive and personalized assistance, aiming at our customers’ needs.


We provide services for several areas


We work with several languages

Open | Our Values

Vision, Mission and Values


To attract business partners that seek for quality and confidentiality.


To bring to the market a new corporate way of thinking, whose priority is the satisfaction of those we provide services to. We want to establish long-lasting partnerships with our customers, so we can develop a growing partnership on an ongoing basis.



We work under complete secrecy, duly documented in a confidentiality agreement executed between our company and our customers. This ensures that only professionals involved in the translation will have access to the material.


Quality is not only a goal, but a commitment to our customers.
Eko’s Traduções believes that translating is more than just transferring information from one language to another. It also involves making use of experience and qualification, so that the translation can be successful.


Punctuality is one of the foundations of professional commitment and this is the quality that stands out in the corporate world. We believe that the only way to build a consistent cycle of trust in our networking is to fully observe the obligations undertaken.

Cost-Benefit Ratio

We provide the best cost-benefit ratio. We believe in the quality of the service we provide and in our negotiation skills.


Our team of consultants provides an exclusive and personalized service with the purpose of meeting our customers’ needs and always observing the high quality standards of our assistance.

Fast quotations, precise answers, deadline fulfillment, and the best prices in the market are our offers to gain your loyalty.

ekos traducoes

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